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Reykjavík has become quite renowned for its weekend party scene which goes strong into the late hours. During summer nights weekdays tend to be vibrant as well. The party scene here in Iceland is called Djammið- the Icelandic equivalent to ‘Jam‘- or you can also call it pöbbarölt which means 'pub stroll'. Much of Reykjavík's partying happens in cafes, bistros, and restaurants that transform into bars on weekends, but it’s not the number of drinking dens that makes Reykjavík’s nightlife special – it’s the upbeat energy that pours from them.

BrewDog Reykjavík

BrewDog Reykjavik is a privately owned craft beer bar & restaurant, located on the corner of


Forréttabarinn opened in 2011 and is now owned and run by head chef Róbert Ólafsson.


The chefs at PUNK have put the menu together without any limitations or rules, they do what we fi

Jungle Cocktailbar

Cozy neighbourhood bar during the week, upbeat party during weekends

The Student Cellar

The Student Cellar is a restaurant, bar and café.

Vínstúkan Tíu Sopar

A cozy little wine bar with emphasis on natural wines and tapas like small plates

Food Cellar

Food Cellar is a Grill & Cocktail bar, situated in a 160 year old building in the centre of R

Kíkí Queer Bar

The Queerest club in Reykjavík! Great music, fun atmo and the best crowd!

Snaps Bistro

French bistro in downtown Reykjavik offering first-class ingredients, quality selection of wines

Hard Rock Cafe

Located on the famous Lækjargata in the heart of Reykjavik City, Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik contain

Lebowski Bar

Whether or not you’re familiar with ‘The Big Lebowski’ – the infamous 1998 film by the Coen broth

Prikið Kaffihús

Prikið is one of the longest-running restaurants in Iceland, having been opened in 1951.

Bastard Brew & Food

We at Bastardin have two specially brewed beers that we make in collaboration with Ægirsgarður an

English pub

The English Pub is the hottest sports bar on the frozen rock in the N-Atlantic ocean, Live Music

Kaldi Bar

Kaldibar is a cozy place with 4 types of the popular Icelandic Kaldi beer on tap.

Den Danske kro

Den Danske Kro is a bar with a danish theme.

Níu Restaurant & Bar

Níu restaurant is a cozy restaurant, located at Hotel Island.

American Bar

American Bar captures the American spirit; a land of the free -, home of the brave.


GAUKURINN is a bar and events venue, situated in downtown Reykjavík.


Whiskey bar with Over 170 whiskeys, live music, karaoke, and also legendary DJ Andrea on weekends

VOX Brasserie & Bar

Where relaxed elegance meets refined hospitality

Petersen suite

Peter Petersen had Gamla bíó built for his cinema operation in 1926 and at the same time an apart

Apótek Kitchen + Bar

Apotek Kitchen + bar is an exciting restaurant located in one of the most beautiful corners of Re

Sólón bistro & bar

Sólon Bistro offers a great variety of small courses, salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, and steaks

KEX Hostel

KEX is the social hostel in Reykjavik city center Housed in an old biscuit factory downtown Reykjavi

Íslenski barinn

On January 22nd, 2009, The Icelandic Bar was conceived, more precisely the idea of it, and only a

Flame restaurant and bar

Flame is a restaurant and bar where freshness, quality and experience are paramount.