Perlan museum on a autumn day
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Autumn in Reykjavík

Autumn is the perfect time to visit Reykjavík. It starts in late August and stays until late October or early November. Icelandic nature is amazingly beautiful and colourful at this time of year, with rainbows, red and gold leaves against a dazzling blue sky, wild mushrooms, and an abundance of tasty berries that sweeten up our daily lives. And although there is no frost yet, there is definitely a shiver of crispness in the air with great opportunities to see the dances of the elusive Northern Lights.

Autumn is also the time when you’ll be able to go mushroom or berry-picking and you can even do it within the capital area, such as in Heiðmörk. Wild blueberries and crowberries are the most common wild berries in Iceland but you can also find strawberries and redcurrants in some places, although they are mainly planted and found in people’s gardens. As it‘s the season of produce you‘ll be able to eat fresh Icelandic potatoes, carrots, kale, broccoli, and more. It‘s also the time for fresh lamb meat from sheep that have fed on the rich and nourishing vegetation in the mountains of Iceland.   

Furthermore, the city comes to life with big festivals like the Reykjavík International Film Festival and the popular music festival Iceland Airwaves. 

Whatever you plan on doing in the city don't forget to save money by investing in the Reykjavík City Card. This city pass gives you access to our public transport system, swimming pools, many of our cultural institutions and more. 

Ten rainy day things to do in Reykjavik
A rainy day in Reykjavík

When you have the Gulf Stream as your next-door neighbour you can only expect the weather to become a little (or even a lot) wet, so even though it’s summertime in the land of the midnight sun, there’s always the chance of a rainy day and you should definitely prepare by packing your waterproofs, or alternatively, you could get some while you’re in town.


Geothermal Pools & Spas
Sky Lagoon

Swimming pools in Iceland are nothing like in most European Cities. If you truly want to follow in the footsteps of the locals, you should visit one of Reykjavík's 18 swimming pools.

Imagine Peace Tower
Imagine peace tower light beam at night with people

Lit annually on October 9th

The Imagine Peace Tower is a work of art conceived as a beacon to world peace by the legendary artist, musician, and peace advocate, Yoko Ono. The work is designed in the form of a wishing well from which a powerful tower of light beams. The words IMAGINE PEACE are inscribed on the well in 24 different languages.

Iceland Airwaves
band playing at airwaves

November 7th - 9th 2024

Iceland Airwaves is a critically acclaimed international music festival showcasing the hottest new international bands and the best up-and-coming Icelandic artists.

Reykjavík International Film Festival
Riff logo on Austurstræti street

September 26th - October 6th 2024

For eleven days every fall since 2004, Icelandic people and tourists go to the cinema to enjoy the best and freshest in international filmmaking.

Krýsuvík Geothermal Area
Aerial photo of Krýsuvík geothermal area

Not too far from the centre of Hafnarfjörður rest the remarkable solfatara fields of Krýsuvík, where you’ll discover an expanse of steaming volcanic vents and boiling hot springs, framed dramatically by a range of multi-coloured hills.

Mt. Esja
Mount Esja under Northern lights

Dramatically dominating the Reykjavík City skyline and providing a stunning backdrop to the capital area is the impressive Mount Esja, a popular destination for day-trippers and riddled with well-worn hiking trails. Once surmounted, the view from the top of this 914-metre high mountain is breathtaking.

Mt. Úlfarsfell

 "Úlfarsfell" is lower than its sister "Esja", and definitely not as well known. But it's actually closer to central Reykjavík and offers just as an impressive view over the city.

Mount Keilir
Mount Keilir overview

Mount Keilir is a small volcanic mountain to the south west of Hafnarfjörður (Harbour Village). It can be easily visited when travelling between Reykjavík and Keflavík Airport, or the Blue Lagoon.

Viðey Island on a beutiful day

The combination of stunning views, historical ruins and contemporary art pieces make Viðey island something special. Just a short boat-ride takes you to another world, to be explored in your own time.

Laugardalur Valley
Laugardalur valley aerial shot

Laugardalur (Hot Spring Valley) is a major centre for sports and recreation in the capital.

Mosfellsbær Hiking Routes
Route to Mosfellsbær on a sunny day

Walkers, hikers and cyclists will love the extensive network of paths and cycling routes in this stunning part of the city!

Museums & galleries

Eyemazy Reykjavík
National Gallery of Iceland
Water in Icelandic Nature | Icelandic Museum of Natural History
Nordic House
Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum
Ásgrímur Jónsson collection
The Einar Jónsson Sculpture Museum
National Gallery of Iceland
The Icelandic Phallological Museum
Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús
The Living Art Museum
The Punk Museum
Árbær Open Air Museum
Museum of Design and Applied Art
Reykjavík Art Museum - Kjarvalsstaðir
Natural History Museum of Kópavogur
Grófin City Library
Gerðarsafn Art Museum