Árbæjarlaug swimming pool with people enjoying a sunny day
Geothermal Spa, Beach & Pools

In Reykjavík, you'll discover a wealth of geothermal wonders, including 18 public swimming pools dotted throughout the city. Amidst these aquatic wonders, you can also experience a geothermal spa and a geothermal beach.  Here, visitors are immersed in the soothing embrace of naturally heated waters, derived from the Earth's depths.

Swimming pools in Iceland are nothing like in most European Cities. If you truly want to follow in the footsteps of the locals, you should visit one of Reykjavík's 18 geothermal swimming pools.

You could say our pools are a mix of a sports centre, a water-slide park and a spa with hot tubs and steam baths. Run-on geothermal water from boreholes, you could say this is where Iceland's hot springs meet the city culture. Read on to find the best pools our city has to offer.

Peopl in Sky Lagoon
Sky Lagoon
Sky Lagoon is a scenic geothermal bathing experience rooted in Icelandic nature, culture and history. Located just minutes from Reykjavík's city centre, the oceanside lagoon offers stunning views of the North Atlantic, distant mountain peaks, towering glaciers and more.
Nauthólsvík Beach - Raggi Th.
Nauthólsvík Beach
Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach is a paradise for people who love splashing around in the ocean or sunbathing in the golden sand. The beach is equipped with changing facilities and showers, steam-baths, and hot tubs.
Álftaneslaug pool outside
The swimming pool in Álftanes offers their guest a bright, warm and relaxed atmosphere but at the same time, those who want more action can also find it here.
Árbæjarlaug pool at night
In Árbæjarlaug pool is a 25m outdoor pool, hot tubs, water slides, kiddie water slides, kiddie pool, massage tub, cold tub, indoor pool, wading pool, beach volleyball, outdoor dressing
Ásgarðslaug pool outside
Ásgarðslaug is an outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs and a children's pool. A small water slider is in the children's pool. The pool is wheelchair accessible.
Ásvallalaug inside
The newest and most child-friendly pool in Hafnarfjörður, Ásvallalaug, is also the biggest thermal pool in Iceland at about 6,000 m² (65,000 feet²).
Breiðholtslaug at evening time
Breiðholtslaug is a pool complex in the Reykjavík suburb of Breiðholt. It features an outdoor pool, outdoor and indoor children’s pools, outdoor paddling pool, two water slides, three hot tubs, sauna
Dalslaug swimming pool
Dalslaug is the latest addition to the swimming pools in Reykjavík. The pool opened on December 11th 2021. The pool is 25 meters long with six lanes. The pool is an outdoor pool but there is also an indoor pool that will be used for teaching and practice.
Grafarvogslaug inside
Grafarvogslaug is a pool complex in the Reykjavík suburb of Grafarvogur. It features both outdoor and indoor pools, an outdoor children’s pool and paddling pool, two water slides, three hot tubs
Klébergslaug pool
Klébergslaug pool is located in the sport center in Kjalarnes. We have an outdoor pool with beautiful surroundings, a kiddie water slide, a steam bath, a gym, and two hot tubs.
Kópavogslaug outside at evening time
Kópavogur thermal pool is one of the largest aquatic centers in Iceland. It has a 50m outdoor pool, two indoor pools, seven hot tubs, a steam bath, and three water slides.
People sitting in a hot tub at Laugardalslaug
Laugardalslaug is the city’s largest pool with extensive facilities, located in Laugardalur Valley. Its facilities include a 50m outdoor pool, outdoor children’s pool and paddling pool, two water slides,
Lágafellslaug pool outside
Lágafellslaug pool offers a 25m competition pool, indoor pool, children's pool, lounge pool along with three water slides. Furthermore, there are two hot tubs, a massage tub, and a cold tub.
Salalaug pool outside
Salalaug thermal pool in Kópavogur has both outdoor and indoor pools, including a children's pool, water slide, steam bath, and three hot tubs, including one with a hydro massage.
Suðurbæjarlaug outside
Suðurbæjarlaug swimming pool is a 12,5 x 25-meter big outdoor pool. It is connected to an indoor pool that is used for teaching and for children. Outside are also three hot tubs, a steam bath, a children's pool, two water slides, and a walking path around the swimming pool area.
Sundhöllin pool inside
Sundhöll Reykjavíkur
In Sundholl Reykjavikur pool is a 25m outdoor pool, 25m indoor pool, diving board, sauna, steam bath, hot tubs, kiddie pool, wading pool, massage tub, cold tub, private dressing rooms, outdoor
Seltjarnarnes pool outside
Sundlaug Seltjarnarness
Seltjarnesslaug is Reykjavík's only salt-water pool. It features a 25-meter outdoor pool, 2 children's pools, 3 hot tubs, a water slide, and a steam bath.
Vesturbæjarlaug outside
Vesturbæjarlaug is a small and friendly neighborhood pool, located within walking distance of the city center. The pool has an outdoor pool and children’s pool, waterslide, four hot tubs, steam
Varmárlaug outside
Varmárlaug in Mosfellsbær is an outdoor thermal pool, also with two hot tubs, sauna, children's pool, and play area.