through music

A hotbed of activity, with a remarkable number of annual festivals and seasonal events, Reykjavík attracts countless festival-goers all year round


to culture

Despite the capital area’s relatively petite size, Reykjavík is a city that is famous for its devotion to the arts and culture


to the foodie

From the fresh fish to our grass-fed lamb, locally grown greens, and plenty of breweries — Makes Reykjavík a favourite for foodies and bar crawlers alike!


to yourself

Reykjavík is excellent for rejuvenation and recharging. Not only are we surrounded by beautiful nature, but the city also has many yoga studios, swimming pools & spas


to friends

There's so much to see & do here in Reykjavík - so why not take your friends with you on a journey through the city to learn about our culture and beautiful nature


to adventure

Summer or winter, it doesn't matter; If you're feeling adventurous you can easily action-pack your stay in Reykjavík with both outdoor & indoor activities!

Yuletide Hide and Seek with Tufti the Troll!

LISTAPÚKINN: Creatures, my mother and me

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The European Film Awards 2022

Short Breakfast Concert – Tertulia Reykjavík

Upbeat to Tertulia Weekend – Happy Hour at the National Gallery

Santa Sisters in Downtown Reykjavik

Makerspace | Open House | Christmas Badges

Listval's Christmas Exhibition

Alfie Atkins Christmas mood – Family workshop

Alfie Atkins Christmas – Workshop for families

Lempi Elo: Music in the library

Baltic Ornaments & Ukrainan art – For families

PUNK Christmas at The Nordic House

Christmas stories for adults – in Scandinavian

WOVEN INTO: Installation and performance