Getting around Reykjavík

Travelers visiting Reykjavík can choose from several options when it comes to getting around the city. Many people choose to rent a car, but the public transportation is both more economical and more Eco friendly. Bike rentals and electric scooter rentals have also become very popular for the city center and then there is always the option for walking!

Public bus transport - Straeto

Explore the city using our local bus service and you're sure to discover something that you wouldn't get to see on the usual tours! Whether you have a particular destination in mind or would just like to experience Reykjavík city like a local, using the local public transport service makes for an economical and interesting experience.

Driving in Iceland

Before you hit the road and head-off on an epic adventure, please acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations and get the head's up about driving in Iceland with our concise guides and safety tips.


There are several 24 hour taxi companies in Reykjavik, just a phone call away from anywhere in the city. All taxis have official mileage meters and taxi fares are charged at standard rates. Some taxi companies offer special prices on transport to and from Keflavik Airport.

Reykjavík on foot

Exploring the city on foot is a delightful experience with much to see, including everything from old style wood-framed houses, clad in colourful corrugated-iron, mixed with a creative collection of postmodern architecture.


There are plenty of options for exploring Reykjavík on your own and renting a car is just one of them!

Access for disabled

Þekkingarmiðstöð Sjálfsbjargar is a knowledge centre in Iceland for people with disabilities. They have translated to English their information on traveling in Iceland. You can visit access for the disabled in Iceland for more information on access to attractions, restaurants and other services in Reykjavík.