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The home of the Hidden people

Get off the beaten track and visit Hafnarfjörður. Hafnarfjörður is a Harbour Village that is perfect for exploring on foot, with free museums, curious little jewellers, cafés, boutiques and galleries.

Enjoy the cosy hangouts and the family-run restaurants that serve various tasty dishes. Take a stroll along the beautiful harbour. For history enthusiasts, visit the Hafnarfjörður Museum for a journey through the town's rich heritage, and enjoy contemporary art at Hafnarborg Art Museum. See the fascinating view at Hamarinn cliff. Have a round of golf at Keilir golf course, surrounded by lava and views of Snæfellsjökull glacier. Take the children to Víðistaðatún playground and spot elves in Hellisgerði Lava Garden. Last but not least, have a soak in one of the three fantastic thermal pools there are to choose from.

You can take bus number 1 from downtown Reykjavík for 20 minutes to Hafnarfjörður


Enjoy Hafnarfjörður:
How to spend a day in Hafnarfjörður
A family at the harbour in Hafnarfjörður

If you are in need of some ideas or just looking for inspiration, we have the perfect itinerary for you! 

The cultural scene
People in Hafnarborg cultural centre

Hafnarfjörður is known for its creative arts and cultural scene. If what you seek is interesting museums and history, charming art galleries, old fascinating architecture or a great variety of festivals and events, Hafnarfjörður has what you’re looking for.

Nature attractions and walks
Nature in Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður is surrounded by beautiful nature, and outdoorsy types will enjoy hiking in the surroundings. Just beyond the quiet buzz of Hafnarfjörður's charming streets lie dozens of spectacular nature areas. 

Swimming in Hafnarfjörður
Ásvallalaug pool

With an endless supply of geothermal water, it's not surprising that swimming pools and hot tubs have become a quintessential part of Icelandic culture. All visitors to Iceland MUST try the famous warm-water pools.

Tour and sport activities
Child at play outside

If you’re looking for adventures, you can find a variety of exciting activities that take place in and around Hafnarfjörður. Whether you like taking a horse riding tour through rustic lava fields, play golf in a relaxing atmosphere, go on guided private tours, work out or learn how to sail, Hafnarfjörður has many options for you. 

Festivals & Events in Hafnarfjörður
Viking festival in Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður hosts exciting events throughout the year, everything from music festivals to celebrations of Vikings and hidden people. Here you can find the main yearly events happening in the town so be sure to check it out before you plan your trip to Hafnarfjörður.


Hafnarfjörður Tourist Information Center
Hafnarfjörður lighthouse

If you need any additional information about Hafnarfjörður town you can always pop into the local tourist information center!

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