People in Hafnarborg cultural centre

The cultural scene

Hafnarfjörður is known for its creative arts and cultural scene. If what you seek is interesting museums and history, charming art galleries, old fascinating architecture or a great variety of festivals and events, Hafnarfjörður has what you’re looking for.

You can find many interesting museums in the town’s center. There you can spend your day gathering information about the history of Hafnarfjörður at The Hafnarfjörður Museum, visiting the center of the cultural activities in Hafnarborg museum, see a theater show in The Gabler’s Theather or even see a concert in the popular local concert venue, Bæjarbíó.

Hafnarfjörður has a rich history in connection with the development of fisheries at the town’s harbour. Today, the port is a home to a bunch of creative art and design galleries where you can buy artwork or service from many of many of the most talented artists in Iceland. Many local artists move to Hafnarfjörður to find peace and inspiration in the colorful and warm small-town life. Take a walk to the old harbour while you enjoy the artistic environment and infrastructure with a local cuisine from one of the great restaurants in the area.

Be sure to check out the yearly events happening in Hafnarfjörður, since many of them have a strong connection to the town’s cultural scene. You don’t want to miss it.

Hafnarborg Center of Culture and Fine Arts Museum
Hafnarborg building outside

Central to Hafnarfjörður's arts scene is Hafnarborg − The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art. The museum has two exhibition galleries, a restaurant and a small museum shop.

Hafnarfjörður Museum - tale of old times
Hafnarfjörður museum on the outside

Hafnarfjörður Museum is a museum of cultural artefacts and photographs of Hafnarfjörður town. Its objective is to collect, document, preserve, protect and study objects and artefacts of the region’s cultural history and present them to the public

Bæjarbió theater and music venue
Bæjarbíó theater outside

Bæjarbíó is the oldest running cinema in Iceland, established in 1945. In recent years it has become a popular music venue for renowned Icelandic musicians and small scale theater productions. 

Gaflaraleikhúsið (The Gabler‘s Theatre)
Actors in a play

The Gabler´s Theatre Company is a group of professional actors and directors running a small theatre in the town of Hafnarfjörður.

The Hafnarfjörður Municipal Library
Hafnarfjörður library outside

The Hafnarfjörður Municipal Library is located in the downtown of Hafnarfjörður. The library’s vision is to provide an attractive space where guests can enjoy spending time, browsing the collection, attending various clubs and events, and listening to music.

Sveinssafn on a sunny day
Sveinssafn - In the house where artist Sveinn Björnsson lived and had his studio now resides the largest private museum in Iceland, with over eight thousand Artworks by the artist