Heiðmörk on a sunny day
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A journey through untouched nature

Get ready for the diverse landscapes and unbelievable lava formations of Heiðmörk Nature Reserve and the surrounding area. Enjoy hiking on the many excellent trails. Go fishing in one of the area’s three lakes. Go horseback riding and try the tölt, the famous gait of the Icelandic horse. Walk among the 26 species of trees and spot some of the 60 species of wild birds. Witness the geological wonders of the Búrfell crater. Watch the northern lights away from the city lights. For an easy mountain hike, walk up Mt. Helgafell and enjoy the view. You can experience the diversity of Icelandic nature all within the capital region.

You don’t have to travel far to experience wild Icelandic nature. Visit Heiðmörk, the “Central Park” of Reykjavík. It’s easy to get there by bus. Just take the number 5 from Hlemmur down to the Bugða residential area and you’re there.

Things to do in Heiðmörk
Elliðavatn lake

Elliðavatn is a lake situated in the area of Reykjavík. It is in the vicinity of natural park Heiðmörk with its hiking and biking trails, small forests and lava formations.


Map of Heiðmörk

The outdoor recreation area of Heiðmörk is in the process of improvement and revision, the map shows the improved layout of the area as it has developed through recent years. 

Rauðhólar rock formation

The Rauðhólar ("red hills") are remnants of a cluster of pseudocraters in Elliðaárhraun lava fields on the south-eastern outskirts of Reykjavík. The Rauðhólar pseudocraters are part of Reykjavík's nature reserve of Heiðmörk.

Gvendarbrunnar water resource
Gvendarbrunnar water pump

Our very important water reserves are in Heiðmörk. Water-gathering areas are Gvendarbrunnar, Myllulækjarsvæði and Vatnsendakriki. 

Christmas Tree Forest at Holmsheiði
Christmas tree

You can pick out and chop down your own Christmas tree in the forest!

Christmas Market at Elliðavatnsbær in Heiðmörk
Kids with Santa Clause

The annual Christmas market in Heiðmörk woods is located on the outskirts of Reykjavík. The market is generally open on Advent weekends





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