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Gvendarbrunnar water resource

Our very important water reserves are in Heiðmörk. Water-gathering areas are Gvendarbrunnar, Myllulækjarsvæði and Vatnsendakriki.

Experience shows that water processing in Heiðmörk is based entirely on groundwater flow under Heiðmörk, but the bulk of that water flows from Húsafellsbruni and Bláfjöll. In the past it was believed that the water from these sources had healing properties, and today you still find people that adhere to that belief. 

Reykjavík water distribution was the first in Scandinavia to receive certification under the ISO 9001 quality standard. It is therefore vital that people are aware how important it is to behave with respect and caution in the water extraction areas, particularly Heiðmörk.