Festivals & Events in Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður hosts exciting events throughout the year, everything from music festivals to celebrations of Vikings and hidden people. Here you can find the main yearly events happening in the town so be sure to check it out before you plan your trip to Hafnarfjörður.


Christmas Village

A feast of sights and sounds, the Christmas Village in Hafnarfjörður offers live entertainment, visits from the Icelandic Yule Lads and quaint village of Christmas houses selling everything from Icelandic design and craft to snacks and hot drinks. And don't forget to try some of the homemade Icelandic delicacies.

Viking Festival Hafnarfjörður

Canceled due to covid - 2021

 Hafnarfjörður town hosts the annual Viking Festival, which is the oldest and biggest festival of its kind in Iceland. Visiting this festival will make you feel like you have been transferred back in time a thousand years or so.


Design March

19.- 23. May 2021

Design March showcases the best creations straight from the Icelandic design scene, with fresh, exciting, exotic, and under the radar treasures. The scene is small and intimate, which means you’ll get the chance to meet all the stars of local design.

Winter Lights Festival

3.-6. February 2022

The long winter days of darkness in Reykjavík will be illuminated magnificently at the city’s next annual Winter Lights Festival.

Fishermen's Day in Hafnarfjörður

Fishermen´s Day is celebrated at Hafnarfjörður harbor for small boats (Flensborgarhöfn) on the first Sunday in June. The event honors Fishermen and fisheries in Iceland with a diverse program of events.


National day of Iceland in Hafnarfjörður

The National Day of Iceland takes place on the 17th of June each year and on its occasion, Hafnarfjörður and locals celebrate with a fun festival program all over the towns centre.

Hidden People Festival

Hidden people festival is held in Hellisgerði which is often known as the Elf Garden in Hafnarfjörður. It is a quiet family festival full of mythological creatures and music.

The Heart of Hafnarfjörður

The music festival “The Heart of Hafnarfjörður” is a three-week long program during the summertime that features an array of Icelandic performers. 

Culture and health walks

Over the summer months, The Hafnarfjörður museum, Hafnarborg and the municipality of Hafnarfjörður organize culture and health walks on Thursday evenings.