Aurora Basecamp

Bláfjallavegur -, Hafnarfjörður 220, +354 620 9800

Website: https://aurorabasecamp.is/

Aurora Basecamp is a beautiful facility designed to give you a good Northern Lights Experience. There are three domes on site. Two of them are lounges and one contains a small educational exhibition. We call that dome The Dark Park. When you visit Aurora Basecamp a guide will take you through The Dark Park and inform you of the different phases of the lights. This is a 10-15 minute introduction including the simulation of the current activity of the Aurora Borealis in our unique Northern Lights Mirror Tubes.

As a Northern Lights Observatory, the real magic happens outside when the conditions are right. The guided Dark Park visit ends in the outdoor area that is low-lit with benches around the open fire so that you can stay warm while admiring the endless space or simply enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Of course, you are also welcome to sit inside our warm lounge and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as you wait for the magic to happen.