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Restorative weekend in Reykjavík

Reykjavík is an excellent city to rejuvenate and recharge empty batteries. Not only are we surrounded by the fresh ocean wind and beautiful nature, but the city has also excellent yoga studios and spas. Furthermore, the Reykjavík capital area has 17 geothermal swimming pools and now also a beautiful lagoon called Sky Lagoon.

Geothermal swimming pools

Our pools are a mix of a sport-center, a water-slide park, and a spa with hot tubs and steam baths. Run-on geothermal water from boreholes, you could say this is where Iceland's hot springs meet the city culture


Step off the pavements and explore paradise - all within Reykjavík city limits! Taking a break from culture and civilization is a must for residents of Reykjavík and with such a healthy number of beautiful parks and gardens, an area of green respite is never too far away.

Vegan & vegetarian meals

Having vegan and vegetarian meals is a great way to eat healthy for a rejuvenating weekend - it can help with feeling light and refreshed as well as being full in a good way

Yoga in Reykjavík

Yoga improves strength, balance, back pain, sleep and can manage stress amongst many other things, so there is no wonder that Reykjavík has a wide selection of excellent yoga studios all over the city

Spa & massage parlours

Studies have shown the use of spas can help lower blood pressure & alleviate pain, and massages calm the central nervous system and improve blood circulation to name but a few. So go on and be good to yourself and try out one of the spas available in the capital.