Laugardalslaug pool

Sundlaugavegur 30, Reykjavík 105, 411 5100

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 6.30am - 10.00pm
Sat - Sun: 8.00am - 10.00pm

Website: https://reykjavik.is/stadir/laugardalslaug

In Laugardalslaug is a 50m outdoor pool, water slides, sea tub, steam bath, hot tubs, kiddie slide, kiddie pool, wading pool, massage tub, indoor pool, cool tub, infant facilities, private dressing rooms and outdoor dressing rooms. There is accessibility for the disabled in the pool. The water in the pool has chlorine made from salt.
In the neighborhood are running routes, minigolf course, wipeout obstacle course and beach volleyball. In the front desk is a cafeteria, swimwear for sale and free wifi.