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Sky Lagoon

Vesturvör 44, Kópavogur 200, 5276800

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 9.00am - 10.00pm


Experience True Icelandic Bathing Culture at an Oceanside Geothermal Lagoon - Minutes from the City Centre 

Sky Lagoon is a scenic geothermal bathing experience rooted in Icelandic nature, culture and history. Located just minutes from Reykjavík's city centre, the oceanside lagoon offers stunning views of the North Atlantic, distant mountain peaks, towering glaciers and more. Unwind as you soak it all in from the infinity edge and settle into a state of bliss.   

Over the centuries, Icelanders have developed a way to combine the healing powers of warm and cold water, dry heat, and fresh air. We use these natural elements throughout the Seven-Step Ritual, which includes a sauna, body scrub, cold mist and steam room. These traditions of invigoration and rejuvenation represent a distinct experience of healing rooted in heritage.  

Sky Lagoon stays open throughout the year, providing a unique experience depending on when you visit. Discover the life and flora of spring, the golden glow of summer's Midnight Sun, dazzling sunsets and moody skies in fall or the unique wonder of an Icelandic winter. If you are lucky, the northern lights may even put on an enchanting show during our darker months.  

Find your way to the in-water Lagoon Bar to relax and linger with your drink of choice in hand. Complete your Sky Lagoon journey with a visit to Smakk Bar, where you can indulge in delicious and authentic Icelandic tasting platters. You can also refuel at Sky Café, where freshly baked goods await. 

Welcome to Sky Lagoon, where the sea meets the sky.