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Sea Baron

Geirsgata 1, Reykjavík 101, 553 1500

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 11.30am - 10.00pm

Website: www.facebook.com/saegreifinn.seabaron

The Seabaron is a warm and rustic place in the heart of Reykjavík.
Our menu consists of lobster soup and over 8 kinds of fish that we grill. We can accommodate over 50 guests. In the front area, people can sit on barrels that usually contain fish eggs but in the backroom people sit on normal chairs. There you can also see a wax figure of the late Seabaron, Kjartan Halldórsson.
There is also an upper room where 30 people can be seated. There you can see the original bunk beds where the sailors used to sleep around 1960.
If you want to book for groups please contact seabaron8@gmail.com