Goecco Outdoor Adventure

Go greener & live stories worth telling!

We invented Free Tour of Reykjavik (7th Season) and the Haunted Walk (6th season). We’ve been doing day tours and the White Night Hike for 7 seasons. We have made our way into famous travel books and the world press. So if you want to go on a different adventure go with us. Whether you go on one of our hikes, walks, day-tours, or private tours we’ll show you the real Iceland: the serene, the thunderous, the quaint, and the surreal. Goecco Outdoor Adventures is about experiencing Iceland off the beaten track on down-to-earth eco-friendly tours.

As we are huge fans of the peaceful, beautiful Iceland we often follow the winding road to the places others don’t go. And when we do go the popular spots, we make an effort to be there during ‘quiet’ times. As we go along we throw in a bit of good music, local food, a little bonfire and just enjoy real people talking to real people. We make an effort to work with like-minded people. We don’t choose our guides from their guide school certificate but from their life experience and personality. So if you want a big, fancy tour bus going from sterile photo opportunity to photo opportunity, we are not for you - but if you are looking for a road trip with good friends come along!

Our guided tour of Reykjavik, Haunted Walk, is our most popular urban walking tour.  All of our stories are thoroughly researched and will delight even the skeptics in the group! No pre-booking is needed, just meet 15 minutes before departure at the Elding Whale Watching ticket office, in the old harbour. Note. Bring warm clothing, rain gear and good boots.