Heiðmörk nature reserve

Heiðmerkurvegur 10, Reykjavík 110, +354 411 1111


Heiðmörk is the largest outdoor area in the vicinity of Reykjavík and belongs to the Green Scarf that surrounds the entire Reykjavík area. The territory of Heiðmerkur falls under two other municipalities as well as Reykjavík, Gardabaer and Kopavog. In Heiðmörk there is a variety of natural heritage, where there is a great deal of forestry that the Forestry Association of Reykjavík has done since the beginning of the area that was protected in 1950. Here you will find: Forestry - Mines - Birdlife - Historic sites - Hiking trails - Cycling - Hiking trails - Mushroom - Berjatinsla - Barbecue - Benches - Picnic table - Fishing - Viewing places - Nature reserve - Playground - Football