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Selja­tjörn Pond

Hólmasel 4, Reykjavík 109, 4111111

Website: www.reykjavik.is/seljatjorn

In the center of Seljahverfi in Breiðholt is a large green area around a man-made settling pond called Seljatjörn. The area around the pond is a popular outdoor recreation area, not only for children and senior citizens, but both schools and homes for the elderly are in the vicinity of the area. The garden has a gazebo and eco-friendly playground for children. The design and construction of Seltjarnar and the public park around the pond was completed in 1990. The city of Reykjavík drew attention to the pond on its Facebook page recently, where it says that the pond itself adds to the beauty of the area and there you can even look for sandeel. „The grass offers various games and there is plenty of space for a blanket and everything you need for a good picnic with friends and family”. Facebook friends of the city of Reykjavík say Seltjörn is wonderful.