Þúfa with Harpa in the back
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Þúfa art piece

Þúfa was designed by the Icelandic artist Ólöf Nordal, who sought to create a place of serenity and meditation in the bustling capital city. It is located by Reykjavík harbour in the Grandi area. The word “þúfa” in Icelandic means a tussock, but it can also mean a small mountain or a hummock. On the top of the hill is a shed for drying fish. The work was commissioned by the fish factory HB Grandi in 2013.

Þúfa is a man-made, 8-meter, grass-grown mound, which can be walked up along the specially made steps. On top stands a wooden frame where fish is dried. Þúfa is a bridge between nature and the city. The piece is designed to work both close-up and at a distance, and it can be seen from around the city. Those who walk up to the top are able to enjoy one of the most impressive views of Reykjavik available. The structure of Þúfa is unnatural, as it is a man-made mound on artificial land.

To go to Þúfan you walk by the harbour west on to Grandi, one of Reykjavík's fishing and fish processing areas, and out to a point where the hill was built.