Vífilsstaðir, Garðabær

Vífilsstaðavegur, Garðabær 210, 8208550

Website: https://www.gardabaer.is/mannlif/utivist/utivistarsvaedi/

Former tuberculosis hospital with a great environment for walks and outdoor activities. Vífilsstaðir (formerly Vífilsstaðaspítali) was a tuberculosis shelter and nursing home in Garðabær that formally began operations on September 5, 1910. Vífilsstaðir's activities revolved around services for tuberculosis patients until the shelter was converted into a hospital for patients with respiratory diseases under the auspices of LSH in 1973. In 1976 began work. a treatment institution for alcoholics run by Kleppsspítali in a special building in Vífilsstaðir. All public activities ceased in 2002 when Hrafnista took over the premises and ran a nursing home for about 50 people until 20 August 2010. Vífilsstaðir is owned by the state and is managed by its real estate administration.