Grandi Area

Grandagarður 1, Reykjavík 101, -

Website: www.visitreykjavik.is

Just off the city centre lies Reykjavík’s old harbour area known as Grandi. The land was originally just a stretch of sand connecting Reykjavík to Örfirisey island but has been added considerably in the years since. For a long time, this area's sole purpose was to house the fish processing plants and shipyards, but when the new harbour by Sundahöfn was built, much of the industry was moved there, leaving empty buildings in a popular area waiting to be repurposed. The conditions were perfect for a revival of the old harbour and soon enough, people started using the spaces for exhibitions, designers opened workshops, students worked on start-ups and restaurants started opening up to feed all the people working in the area. Today the old harbour is one of the most exciting neighbourhoods in Reykjavík. It still retains its dockside charm and you can still feel the fishing industry’s presence, but a steadily growing number of museums, hip restaurants, and artisans’ workshops have made their home in the vacated industrial buildings, making Grandi one of the hottest spots in the city. In the Grandi area you will for example find The Maritime Museum, FlyOver Iceland, Grandi Food Hall, Saga Museum, and Aurora Reykjavík.