Mount Esja

Mógilsá, Reykjavík 162, 411 6000


The mountain Esja (914 m (2,999 ft)), often called Esjan, is situated in about 10 km to the north of our capital city in the town of Mosfellsbær. Esja is not a single mountain, but a volcanic mountain range, made from basalt and tuff. Within easy reach of the capital, Esja is a very popular recreation area for hikers and climbers. The best known hiking paths lead to the summits Þverfellshorn (780 m) and Kerhólakambur (851 m). Þverfellshorn is also easily accessible by public transport. The path is divided into sections, marked with signs along the way. Each sign gives an indication of the difficulty of the path ahead with a grade system ranging from 1 boot (easy) to 3 boots (challenging). At the third sign experienced climbers can choose to climb directly to the peak, instead of following the path which goes off to the right. After approximately 6.6 kilometers of walking and 597 meters altitude gain is a big rock called Steinn. It is here that most inexperienced climbers choose to go down again, as the path becomes increasingly difficult from there.