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Located in Grandi, the up-and-coming culture area/fishing industry district, the outdoor art piece "Þúfa" stands on a small cape. A popular destination on walking tours among locals and visitors alike, Þúfa is slowly but surely becoming a Reykjavík landmark.

Designed by artist Ólöf Nordal, Þúfa references simpler times. On top of the small hill is shed for wind-drying fish, an old way of getting by on this island in the North-Atlantic. According to the artist, Þúfa is a place for inner peace and meditation within the city.

Not only is the artwork interesting, but the spot offers great views of Harpa, the surrounding mountains and Faxaflói Bay. Visitors can follow a spiralling pathway to the top for an even better view.

You're probably wondering how to pronounce Þúfa, well here it is: "TH-OO-FHA"

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