Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel

Brautarholt 10, Reykjavík 105, 5197300

Website: www.guldsmedenhotels.com/eyja/

One of the younger members of our Guldsmeden family lives in Reykjavik, and her name is Eyja Guldsmeden. This lovely hotel is a modern former office building, and therefore quite different from most of our other buildings, which are typically turn-of-the-century European, and we were very excited to see how our messy bohemian style and unstructured maximalism would translate into a modern, more gritty environment – and we´re happy to say that the operation was a success! Eyja couldn´t have turned out better – the classic Guldsmeden design touches thrive with a more modern approach, and Eyja is a lovely example of the natural progression of the Guldsmeden Hotels style that happens with each new house! Eyja Guldsmeden is located in the up-and-coming downtown Reykjavik area, with a fantastic view over the city and our very own signature mountain Esja.