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Ice cream even in winter

Icelanders really like Ice cream. So much so that it only takes a glimpse of the sun for people to make lines outside the popular ice cream parlours around the city, even when it‘s freezing! Hence, whatever the weather you can always pop into one of these following ice cream parlours and get yourselves a scoop, or two, of freshly made and delicious ice cream

Gaeta Gelato

Gaeta Gelato is Reykjavik’s first-ever gelato parlour which opened its doors in Spring 2020.


The idea behind Skúbb is to make quality hand made ice cream from scratch.

Ísbúð Vesturbæjar

Ísbúð Vesturbæjar, or Vesturbær Ice Cream Shop is, one of the oldest and best known ice cream sho

Huppa Ice cream

Huppa Ice cream is located in Álfheimar, Kringlan mall, and Spöngin shopping district.

Brynja Ice cream

Brynja is one of the oldest and most popular Ice cream shops in Iceland.


Valdís is a very popular ice cream parlor in Reykjavík.

Ísbúðin við Lækinn

Ísbúðinn við Lækinn is a small family-run ice cream shop in the city centre.