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Restaurants & bars in Reykjavík

Reykjavík has so many great restaurants & bars to choose from. From fast food to fine dining you will not be able to resist grabbing a hot dog or an elegant fish dish, or tasting one of our many delicious Icelandic brewed beers!

Flame restaurant and bar

Flame is a restaurant and bar where freshness, quality and experience are paramount.

Fröken Reykjavík

Fröken Reykjavík is the latest addition to the culinary flora of Reykjavík.

Geiri Smart

Downtown Reykjavík is all about throwing a good, old-fashioned soirée.

Grand Brasserie

Grand Brasserie welcomes you to its modern and elegant surroundings where our job is to treat you in

Haust Restaurant

Welcome to Haust, a unique restaurant centrally located in Reykjavík.

Hotel Viking

Hotel Viking has 42 well-furnished and luxurious rooms including a shower, WC, and television.

HÉÐINN Kitchen & Bar

HÉÐINN is an elegant new restaurant in 101 Reykjavík, in a redesigned building that was previousl


Authentic Danish Smørrebrød

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar


Magic Ice - Ice Gallery & Bar

A perfect outing for all ages – Welcome to an enchanting and magical adventure in Reykjavik, a sub-z

Perlan Restaurant

Perlan Restaurant is a unique revolving restaurant.

Reykjavík Röst

Reykjavík Röst is a coffee house/bar by the Old Harbour in Reykjavík and was opened in the summer of

Satt Restaurant

Satt Restaurant is located inside Reykjavík Natura | Berjaya Iceland Hotels.


Slippbarinn is the first cocktail bar in Reykjavík and there is craftsmanship around the making o

VOX Brasserie & Bar

Where relaxed elegance meets refined hospitality