Visit Reykjavík is the marketing office for the greater Reykjavík area, working closely with all the surrounding municipalities in promoting the area as a destination.

Visit Reykjavík runs the Official Tourist Information Centre at City Hall in downtown Reykjavík. Visit Reykjavík promotes the city area through channels such as visitreyjavik.is, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, Visit Reykjavík offers the Reykjavík City Card for visitors.

Visit Reykjavík’s focus in development is to strengthen the brand Reykjavík Loves, in collaboration with the Reykjavík area municipalities; as well as using the Reykjavík City Card as a tool of destination management. Furthermore, the development focus is to re-enforce the Official Tourist Information Centre with emphasis on the brand, Reykjavík loves. Visit Reykjavík is also focusing on strengthening the cooperation with the foreign embassies in Iceland and the European City Marketing collaboration.

Team Visit Reykjavík
Ágúst Elvar Bjarnason - Project Manager of Tourism, agust[a]visitreykjavik.is
Estrid Þorvaldsdóttir - Front Desk Manager, estrid[a]visitreykjavik.is
Gabríella Sif Beck - Front Desk Manager, gabriella[a]visitreykjavik.is
Gerður Ríkharðsdóttir - Marketing Manager, gerdur[a]visitreykjavik.is
Guðmundur Vestmann - Project Manager of Web Development, gvestmann[a]visitreykjavik.is
Helder de Jesus Francisco - Front Desk Manager, helder[a]visitreykjavik.is
Karen María Jónsdóttir - Head of the Tourist Information Centre, karen[a]visitreykjavik.is
Unnar Geir Unnarsson - Project Manager of Reykjavik City Card, unnar[a]visitreykjavik.is
Védís Vantída Guðmundsdóttir - Project Manager of Tourist Information Centre, vedis[a]visitreykjavik.is

Press & Media
Media requests and questions, photos: vedis[a]visitreykjavik.is

Nýskráningar ferðaþjónustuaðila, lagfæringar og tilbúið efni til birtingar
Guðmundur Vestmann - Vefstjóri, gvestmann[a]visitreykjavik.is

Reykjavík City Card
Team – citycard[a]visitreykjavik.is

Visit Reykjavík: City Hall, Tjarnargata 11, 101 Reykjavík
Tel: +354 411 6000

Tourist Information Centre: City Hall, Tjarnargata 11, 101 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 411 6040
e-mail: info[a]visitreykjavik.is

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