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Faxaflói Bay, the ocean around Reykjavík, a whale watcher’s paradise, offers an unforgettable chance of close encounters with some of the world’s largest and most magnificent animals. Faxaflói is the natural habitat for many different types of whales and dolphins; the most commonly sighted on whale watching tours from Reykjavík’s Old Harbour are minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises, and majestic humpback whales. Horse riding in the Capital area is a great way to get to know the unique Icelandic horse and get some quality time outdoors. The Icelandic horse is unique in many ways. It's the only horse breed in the world that can perform five gaits (ways of walking), while other horses can only perform three or four. You don't have to go far to enjoy some company with our beautiful horses as there are several horse rentals located within the Reykjavík capital area.

Elding Adventure at Sea

Elding is the original whale tour operator in Reykjavík and offers the most talked-about sea adve

Exploring Iceland

Exploring Iceland is an Icelandic Tour Operator selling Iceland as a destination.


Discover the breathtaking view of lava, volcanoes, waterfalls, and mountains, all on the same tri


Icelandia is one of Iceland's leading tour operators.


Íshestar Riding Tours has been the leading equine tourism company in Iceland since 1982, with the

Special Tours

Special Tours was founded in 1996 as a Puffin Watching & School Trip Sea Tour Operator.

Safari Quads

Safari Quads stands as a premier ATV and Buggy tour operator nestled in the vibrant city of Reykj

Travelling Iceland

Travelling Iceland - Explore in Harmony with Nature. 

Volcano Trails

The best hidden and hard-to-reach places are the ones worth exploring.

Whale Safari

Whale Safari is Reykjavík‘s original small group whale-watching tour operator, in operation since 20

Your Friend in Reykjavík

Your Friend in Reykjavík offers tours designed to show the best of Reykjavík and to teach you abo