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Respecting diversity LGBTQIA+ Reykjavík

Reykjavik is very proud of its LGBTQIA+ community and has become quite the beacon of rainbow-coloured light in the past few years. Reykjavík city is extremely proud of its fabulous Pride festivities, which have been putting a spectacular sparkle in the month of August ever since its first outing in the year 1999. A huge, merry and colourful flotilla parades through the centre of town followed by a grand outdoor concert attended by over one hundred thousand people – lesbians and gay men, bisexuals and transgender people, friends, relatives, fellow citizens and numerous foreign visitors – all showing solidarity with the gay cause in August every year!

Reykjavík Pride

This colourful event brings tens of thousands of people into the city centre every year to show solidarity and to have fun with the LGBTQ community in Reykjavik. People of all genders, friends, relatives, and a fast growing number of tourists, all come together to celebrate and support universal human rights.

Kiki queer bar

The Queerest club in Reykjavík! Great music, fun atmo and the best crowd! Located on second and third floor of Laugavegur 22, entrance from Klapparstígur

The National Queer Organisation of Iceland

Samtökin ‘78 is a queer interest and activism association that has existed in Iceland since 1978, giving us our name. Our purpose is to ensure that lesbians, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, intersex, trans people and other queer people are visible, acknowledged and enjoy full rights in Icelandic society, regardless of their country of origin.

Rainbow Reykjavík winter pride

This Pride program offers a mixture of nature, activities, culture, cuisine, music and nightlife. It starts with Welcome bubbles at the Pink Iceland office followed by Queer Bingo and if lucky with the weather forecast there will be a hunt for the Northern Lights.

Pink Iceland

Pink Iceland is Iceland's first and foremost gay owned and operated travel expert and your first stop when traveling to Iceland. The agency works for and with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) community and specializes in day tours (gay tours), weddings, international and domestic events and festivals as well as organizing tailor-made luxury travel

Gay Iceland

Get the latest news and information about the LGBTQI+ community in Reykjavík from the GayIceland website

LGBTQIA+ itinerary idea

Reykjavík is home to many LGBTQIA+-friendly sights, activities, bars and restaurants. Let us be your tour guide and read on for a Reykjavík itinerary geared especially towards LGBTQI+ travellers, for things to do in Reykjavík.