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Ten rainy day things to do in Reykjavik

When you have the Gulf Stream as your next-door neighbour you can only expect the weather to become a little (or even a lot) wet, so even though it’s summertime in the land of the midnight sun, there’s always the chance of a rainy day and you should definitely prepare by packing your waterproofs, or alternatively, you could get some while you’re in town: we have some pretty impressive outdoor clothing stores, only available in Iceland you know!

You might also want to think twice about bringing a fancy umbrella with you, it might not survive the wind; furthermore, in a land where the rain is vertically challenged, it’s highly unlikely that it will stop you from getting wet! But dressed in your waterproofs and in the right state of mind you can still have an amazing time if it rains on your holiday parade; in fact, there are plenty of things to do in the city that are greatly improved by the atmospheric mood generated by the rain.

Below is a list of our top ten rainy-day recommendations!  


If you've already done splashing in the puddles downtown, let your footsteps fall in the enchanting glades of green with a walk in one of our nature reserves, parks or gardens. The rain brings out the floral aroma like nothing else and the plant life looks so much prettier in a coating of lovely raindrops.


Taking a swim in an outdoor thermal pool or relaxing in one of our famous “hot pots” is a wonderful experience in any weather. But there’s something simply exquisite about soaking in hot water with the pitter-patter of cool raindrops falling on your head!


Pay a visit to the Old Harbour, the rain has a wonderful effect on both the character and atmosphere of the place, evoking a multitude of reflective moods; while you’re there warm yourself up with some tasty, heart-warming soup from one of the many dining options in the area.


Visit one of our wonderful galleries and museums and connect with our culture on a deeper level. It will greatly transform your escapades to the countryside too, where those gorgeous green valleys and magnificent mountains become more than just beauty spots on the pretty face of Iceland, but places of legendary events and fascinating folklore.


If the sun isn't out to raise your spirits then raise a few for yourself with a haunted walk of the legendary dwellings occupied by some of the city’s famous ghostly residents! Bear in mind though that they are completely invisible and just as difficult to see as our resident elves!


Add to your international culinary skills and take a local cooking class, where you'll learn how to make some of the tastier of our traditional Icelandic dishes: Maybe you'll learn a few Icelandic phrases too!


Experiencing coffee in one of Reykjavík’s quality cafés is a must in any kind of weather, but somehow, especially satisfying when it’s raining!


Take up your issues with the Norse God of Weather himself at The House of Collections, where you’ll find, amongst other important literary treasures, the medieval manuscript and original written source of Norse Mythology itself!


Pay a visit to the beautiful Harpa concert hall and conference centre. You can have a sit down with a cup of coffee or a hot meal at the in-house restaurant Hnoss


People-watch between the pages of a good Icelandic novel from the warmth of one of our local bookshops! And maybe indulge in a wonderful cream-topped hot chocolate while you‘re at it!

Whatever you do, don't do it without our fabulous money-saving city card: The Reykjavík City Card!