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Perlan Museum- Wonders of Iceland

Perlan Museum- Wonders of Iceland is one of the largest and most ambitious exhibition project in Reykjavík in recent years. The museum is situated in one of Reykjavík's most impressive buildings, Perlan, and will be a must-visit for any tourist - not only for the world-class museum, but also for its amazing panoramic views of Reykjavík, great architecture and excellent restaurant, café and gift shop.

The first exhibition, Glaciers and Ice, opened on 2 July and more will follow next year. The Glacier and Ice exhibition is built into one of the six hot-water tanks that make up Perlan and starts with an ice cave that has been constructed inside the building, the first of its kind worldwide. You will experience the sounds and smells – and cold – of a glacial ice cave, and learn about its ash layers and deep, dark crevasses. Rest assured, you will be provided warm vests for the chill, and the ice cave will lead you safely up to the second floor of the exhibition.

The second part of Glaciers is where the story and future of the Icelandic glaciers comes to life. There you will marvel at the incredible 360° view over Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, along with interactive and entertaining exhibits that show you multiple perspectives, from a sweeping bird’s-eye view down to the microscopic.

On top of the six tanks lies the best observation deck in Reykjavík, which has a 360° view over the city and its surroundings, the ocean and the mountains, high- and low-temperature geothermal areas, a glacier, and volcanoes.

On 1 May 2018 Perlan Museum will open a new cutting-edge planetarium that offers a 360° domed immersive experience with surround sound and the best image quality available in the world today. The first feature in the Planetarium will be a 10-12 minute long introduction to the highlights of Icelandic nature, with amazing footage shot by renowned photographer Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson

Other exhibitions with Icelandic natural wonders will follow. Perlan Museaum and the Icelandic Natural Museum will for instance open a Flora and Fauna exhibition in 2018 and finally these collected gems of Icelandic natural history, which have slept in boxes for decades, will be accessible once again.