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Roasteries for coffee lovers

Who doesn‘t love the sweet smell of coffee first thing in the morning! People who visit our lovely little city will quickly realize that it is not very hard to find a decent cup of coffee as our roasteries and coffee shops are conveniently spread around the city. So whether you‘re staying downtown or anywhere more rural in the capital, a freshly made cup is never far away!

IÐA Zimsen

Iða Zimsen is a book café located on Vesturgata 2a.


Kaffitár has been around since 1990, and since then the coffee company has marked several steps i

Te og Kaffi

Icelanders know Te og Kaffi from the great coffee and tea the company has made since its opening in

Reykjavík Roasters

There is something magical about a warm cup of coffee.


Cozy café located in the heart of Reykjavík - Laugarvegur 21.

Kaktus Espresso bar

Kaktus Espressobar is a café owned and run by two Icelandic friends that serve high quality Itali


Kaffifélagið is probably the smallest coffee bar in the country.

Reykjavík Röst

Reykjavík Röst is a coffee house/bar by the Old Harbour in Reykjavík and was opened in the summer

Kaffi Ó-le

Kaffi Ó-le is a coffee shop that specializes in coffees and sandwiches.

Aleppo Bakery & Cafe

Aleppo Bakery and Coffee is a bakery located on Tryggvagata and sells delicious coffee and pastry