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Movie theaters

Icelanders love the cinema! We go often and regularly as it is a cherished family activity or a perfect beginning for a date night. There are several cinemas in the capital area. Sambíó cinema is located in three places, Kringlan shopping mall, Egilshöll, and Álfabakki. Then there is Smárabíó in Smáralind shopping mall, Háskólabió near the University and Cinema Paradise in the city center.

Smárabíó cinema

Smárabíó is a world class cinema located inside of Smáralind.

Sambíó cinema

Sambíó cinema is the biggest movie company and cinema's in the country, both in distribution

Cinema Paradise

Bíó Paradís shows new interesting films from all over the world as well as all kinds of older fil

Aurora Reykjavík - The Northern Lights Center

Take a walk through history and learn how people and cultures around the world saw the Northern Ligh