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Icelanders love books! We have the highest number of authors per capita, several book-related festivals, and Reykjavík is the first UNESCO City of Literature that doesn't have English as its native tongue. Furthermore, our famous "Book-Flood-Before-Christmas", the time from early October until Christmas is dedicated to books in a massive way, publishers put out new books in large numbers, bookstores, libraries, cafés, bars, schools, workplaces, and the media promote them in various ways and the public takes part by flocking to events and discussing what the books of choice might be. So whether you're looking for some great Icelandic fiction, books about our beautiful nature, or just need to print out your itinerary, visit one of our libraries!

Reykjavik City Library | Grófin

Our downtown library is in the Grófin building at Tryggvagata 15.

Public Library of Garðabær

Garðabær Library is an information and creativity center where everyone is welcome to come and learn

Hafnarfjörður City Library

The City Library is located at Strandgata 1. It's on three floors plus basement.

Reykjavik City Library | Culture house Kringlan

Are you on your way to Kringlan?

Reykjavik City Library | Culture House Gerðuberg

Situated in the heart of Breiðholt you'll find Gerðuberg with its vibrant pulse and blossomi

Nordic House

The Nordic House in Reykjavík is a cultural institution opened in 1968 and operated by the Nordic

Reykjavik City Library | Culture house Spöngin

Spöngin is our newest location.

Kópavogur Public Library

The Kópavogur Public Library consists of two branches.

Reykjavik City Library | Culture house Sólheimar

Sólheimar is the first of The Reykjavik City Library’s locations to be specifically designed and

Reykjavik City Library Úlfarsárdalur

Úlfarsárdalur Library is the newest of the City Libraries.

Reykjavik City Library | Culture house Árbæ

We offer a diverse selection of books, magazines and other library items, and we are of course al

Reykjavík City Library Kléberg

Kléberg City Library is Reykjavík's newest library.

Reykjavik Municipal Archive

Reykjavik Municipal Archive is the City archive for public documents from Reykjavik City governme

Kópavogur Regional Archives

Kópavogur Regional Archives was established in the year 2000.