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Volcano House

Volcano House shows two unique films, on the most powerful eruptions in Iceland during the last 40 years.

One of the films pictures the eruption on Heimaey, where a tremendous eruption began after midnight on 23 January 1973. That night, nearly 5,000 people who lived on the island had to flee in the boats that transported them to the mainland of Iceland. The other film shows Iceland as one of the youngest volcanic islands on Earth and documents the eruption in Eyafjallajökull, both in words and amazing pictures. This latest eruption caused numerous air flights to be cancelled over a large part of Europe and millions of people were stranded.

A brief synopsis of Iceland's geological history and volcanic system are displayed in the Volcano House, together with superb photographs of the volcanic eruptions and other mysterious aspects of Icelandic nature.Volcano House offers a hands-on geology exhibition where guests can handle various samples of pumice, ash and lava from Icelandic volanoes. A large collection of semi-precious rocks and minerals from around the country are also on display, and are available for purchase. We offer guidance and information throughout the exhibit which is particularly suitable for school groups, and students of geology.

Our souvenir shop sells various gifts and artworks that are connected to Iceland's volcanoes and nature.