News from Reykjavík

Let an Icelandic horse answer your emails!
Hores typing on a keyboard
Today launches a new marketing campaign for Iceland as a destination: OutHorse your email. Iceland offers guests a revolutionary service this summer to ensure a better experience of the summer vacation without constant harassment from work. The service consists of inviting tourists to outsource the response of e-mails to Icelandic horses.

New display and street festival
Aðalstræti 10 Reykjavík
On May 7, Reykjavík City Museum will open a new exhibition in Aðalstræti 10. A fun street theatre and festival will be held on this occasion, starting at 13:00 – 16:00.

Reykjavík one of the best European cities for street food
Street food
Reykjavík has been featured as one of the best cities for street food according to

Erró: The Power Of Images
Erró art work
Erró is one of the few Icelandic artists who has gained a foothold in the international art scene. The Power of Images is a comprehensive overview of the artist's colourful career that has made use of various media in the visual arts.

Reykjavík Blues Festival the 13th of April
Man singing the blues
Reykjavík Blues Festival is held annually in April where artists from Europe, Iceland, and North America perform together in some of the most unique jam sessions in the Northern Hemisphere.

Stockfish Film festival starts today
Stockfish logo
Stockfish Film Festival & Industry Days is a non-profit international film festival held in March each year in Bíó Paradís, the only art-house cinema in Iceland

The Winter Lights Festival starts this Thursday
Hallgrímskirkja lid up at a Winter Lights Festival
The festival will be launched with the projection of the work Ofbirta by Márta Róbertsdóttir at Hallgrímskirkja and the Light Trail will be in place with new, amazing works in collaboration with Art in Light.

Reykjavík receives a top rating in climate issues
The City of Reykjavík receives the highest recognition and top rating for being a leading city in international climate affairs. Reykjavík is one of 95 cities that receive an A rating for transparency in measures against climate change from the independent rating company CDP. Only 9.8% of cities that received a rating for 2021 received an A.

The last day of Christmas
Today, the 6th of January is the last day of Christmas in Iceland and one of the four Icelandic holidays that have a special connection to Huldufólk (hidden people).

Spending Christmas in Reykjavík
Reykjavík Christmas valley at night
Reykjavík’s growing reputation as an alternative Christmas destination has exceeded all expectations, attracting much international media attention and a record number of visitors to the city.

Keilir Colf club gets the GSÍ Sustainability Award

The Icelandic Golf Association's Sustainability Award was presented for the first time today. Keilir Golf Club from Hafnarfjörður received this recognition.

Reunite in Reykjavík in Travel and Leisure!
The "Reunite in Reykjavík" campaign, which runs through Nov. 26, will offer travelers in the United States and Canada the chance to take a long-awaited reunion trip with friends or family from the United Kingdom.