Guðrún Árný playing
April 17, 2023

HEIMA music festival

Say goodbye to winter and celebrate summer with HEIMA music festival in the heart of Hafnarfjörður on the last day of winter ???

HEIMA is a music festival that offers the intimacy of performers and guests as well as diverse music for all kinds of people of all ages. HEIMA is now held for the eighth time, on the last day of winter, April 19 in Hafnarfjörður, as it has been since 2014. The HEIMA festival has firmly established itself as a fun and unique music festival in the homes of Hafnarfjörður residents, offering a different experience and more intimacy than concertgoers and artists are generally used to. The Free Church, or Fríkirkjan in Hafnarfjörður, will be one of the HOMES - houses as in previous years, and the festival will also use the stage in Bæjarbíó, which reflects the diversity of the festival - all kinds of houses and all kinds of music.

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