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Creative Iceland

Creative Iceland provides creative activities, cultural experiences, and custom-made itineraries for individuals, families, and groups.

Creative and cultural experiences and outdoor activities

-Travelers can inquire and book through an online marketplace a curated and diverse selection of activities and experiences offered by local experts. 

From workshops, classes, city walks, food tours, to outdoor activities such us horseback riding, snorkeling, whale watching, biking, and much more.

Creative Iceland achieved international recognition by being awarded "Best Creative Experience of 2015" by the Creative Tourism Network over hundreds of applicants from all over the world. 

Private tours for an unforgettable Iceland vacation 

We handcraft itineraries, travel experiences and day tours for travelers seeking for an authentic an unforgettable Iceland vacation.

Bringing an extensive network of local experts, personal connections and knowledge of Iceland’s natural beauty that will connect you with the people and places that make Iceland a unique place.

-Professional, personal custom made travel for individuals, families and groups designed to fit around your desires and needs

-We eliminate the complexities of travel planning and present you with a curated ecosystem of trusted partners

-We are with you at every stage of the journey, before, during and after the trip, with direct and real time assistance

Experience Iceland in a more comprehensive way, and more fully enjoy and appreciate its natural beauty, history, and dynamic creative energy.

Other services with Creative Iceland

Hire a Private Chef

We have sourced the most talented chefs from Reykjavik and neighboring towns so you can have a gourmet restaurant experience in the comfort of your home or vacation rental. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy.