Mosfellsbær is a green, friendly and health orientated community. In quiet and beautiful surroundings, visitors can experience Icelandic farm life and nature within the borders of the capital.

Outdoor activities are Mosfellsbær’s greatest attraction. Marked hiking paths lie from the seashore to the mountains and a refreshing, active day plan could involve walking or running up the seven peaks surrounding the town. Horseback riding plays an important part in the lives of the locals and there are ample riding paths to choose from. Here you can find two golf courses and a good facility for bird watching in Leiruvogur cove.

Among the most popular thermal pools of the country and a specifically child-friendly one is Lágafellslaug pool.

In Mosfellsdalur valley, the valley of history, is Gljúfrasteinn Museum, the home of Halldór Laxness the Nobel Prize writer, open all year round. Visiting the museum offers a chance to see Laxness’ home and workplace, and get acquainted with his life and works. Lovely hiking paths lie from the museum to the historical Mosfellskirkja church.

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Population: 10.000
Municipal size: 220 km2
Bus: 15
Places of interest: Álafosskvos arts and crafts, Gljúfrasteinn Museum, hiking paths, Lágafellslaug thermal pool.
Thermal pools: 2
Best kept secret: Hraðastaðir, a family run petting zoo with Icelandic farm animals. Also the knifemaker’s studio in Álafosskvos – the
only one in Iceland.