CityWalk Reykjavík

Austurvöllur 0, Reykjavík 101, 7877779

Website: www.citywalk.is

CityWalk Reykjavík's Free Walking tour was launched in 2014 by Marteinn Briem, who still manages the company and continues guiding in the same way he started. It's a family-run business that solely focuses on Reykjavík and walking tours within the city. 

CityWalk is famous for the "free" tour of reykjavík which now runs multiple times per day but they also offer small groups and private walks on a greater scale every year. The unique Party-Pubcrawl is also run in the summer months! With a zero-cost policy, without an office or marketing budget, resulting in cheaper prices than competitors. 

CityWalks is run year-round and has a part bonus-driven salary policy towards guides, making sure they do their best with their tour guests. CityWalk has worked with local authorities in Reykjavík, guide schools, and high schools and actively engage with residents of downtown to maintain sustainable environmental tourism. Their reviews are outstanding on all social media platforms and they look forward to showing you around Reykjavík on our essential walking tour of the city, offering a great value of money!