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Reykjavík vegan city

The Chef's Pencil just released a study on the rise of veganism in Iceland with Iceland ranking 1st worldwide, ahead of the United Kingdom and Australia for veganism popularity based on Google Trends data.

They used Google Trends which is a a great source of big data, to analyze the search interest level for veganism across the world. Searches in the Veganism category, which comprises vegan-related searches made in any language e.g. “vegan uppskriftir” (translates to vegan recipes), “vegan”, “vegan fæði” (translates to vegan food), are at an all-time high in Iceland.

In the past 5 years Reykjavík has expanded it's vegan scene immensely, with almost every restaurant in town offering a vegan option. Supermarkets like Krónan, Hagkaup. Bónus and Nettó, all now have a great selection of vegan products and produce. You can also download the Vegan App, if you want all the information neccessary for a vegan visiting the city or the country.

So it's safe to say that Reykjavík is a place for everyone, vegans and all food lovers alike!  

Click here for a link with the full study, which contains additional charts and interviews with local vegan business owners.