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Reykjavik International Film festival 2015

Reykjavik International Film festival, RIFF, takes place every year in late September for eleven days. The festival shows a wide range of dramas and non-fiction films from over 40 countries. The festival highlights independent film making from all over the world with an emphasis on up-and-coming filmmakers. RIFF encourages the interaction of film with other art forms by organizing concerts, photo exhibitions and more.

Over the last few years, RIFF has screened approximately 100 feature films from roughly 40 countries annually.

This year RIFF celebrates its 12th edition. The production team of RIFF is especially proud to be able to present a programme where the ratio of female and male directors is exceptionally positive.

The festival will take place between 25 September and 4 October. 

For further information go to RIFF's homepage.