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Perlan museum just opened up a world-class planetarium in one of it‘s water tanks, the first of it‘s kind in Iceland. Built as a part of a nature exhibition in Perlan called Wonders of Iceland which already includes the exhibitions Glaciers and Ice cave, and Water in Icelandic Nature.

The first film produced by Perlan is a 8K resolution Northern Lights show, Áróra. A piece of art that brought together Iceland’s best known writers, musician and photographers. It’s a journey, through the unique landscape of Iceland, to observe Northern lights as you’ve never seen them. Taking you across time and space, to understand the science behind the mystery, and the stories we believed for millenniums. Way beyond the traditional planetarium experience!

First you will see a short film called Lost in time – which delivers a mesmerizing view of the beautiful Icelandic nature. The dome‘s 360 degree perspective, gives life to natural phenomenons like waterfallls, glaciers, lava fields and volcano eruptions, with it‘s exceptional screen quality.  Then the screening of the film Áróra starts. The film is a combination between the mystical features of the Northern Lights, Icelandic nature, and the fascination of them through the ages. Definitely a must see for anyone interested in these astronomical sensations.

For more information visit the Perlan Museum‘s website