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Enjoy Reykjavík on a budget

It's no secret the Reykjavík has ranked high on the World's priciest cities index in recent years. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the city's charm and culture on a budget. Here are some suggestions on how to make your awesome stay budget friendly.

Reykjavík City Card

The Reykjavík City Card is, without doubt, the best bang-for-the-buck when it comes to experiencing the city on a shoestring. With the City Card, you will get free access to all major museum, swimming pools, public transportation and art galleries.

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Completely free and awesome stuff

Many of Reykjavík's best-known attractions won't cost you a thing. This includes visits to famous landmarks, nature spots and outdoor activities and even sightseeing tours.

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What's for dinner?

In Iceland, your best option for saving on food is hitting up the grocery stores. We've compiled a list of traditional food to be found there. However, there are many tasty, cheap bites to be grabbed in Reykjavík.

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