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Reykjavík has numerous jewellery stores around the city filled with beautiful rings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets, much of it handmade with skilful Icelandic craftsmanship

PRAKT jewellery

PRAKT is a new Icelandic jewellery store located at Laugavegur 82, in the heart of downtown Reykj

Michelsen 1909

Michelsen's watchmaking company has its roots in the arrival of King Frederik VIII of Denmark to

Kringlan shopping mall

Kringlan is the largest shopping mall in Reykjavík.

Smáralind shopping mall

Smáralind is the biggest shopping mall in Iceland.

Raus jewlery

Raus Jewelry is a new and exciting goldsmiths workshop in the heart of Reykjavík city center. RAUS

Ófeigur Icelandic design

Jewelry made of silver, gold, titanium, copper and fish skin.

Gjafir Jarðar

Gjafir Jarðar, or Earth's gifts, is a spiritual store located at Laugavegur 61.

Fríða jewles

Fríða is a small family business owned by the couple Fríða J. Jónsdóttir and Auðunn G. Árnason.

GÞ jewlery & watches

G Þ jewlery and watches is a comprehensive watch and jewlery store where we strive for everyone t

JS Watch co. Reykjavík

In 2005 four passionate and enthusiastic watch collectors had a dream come true.

Gull & Silfur

Gull & Silfur, or Gold & Silver, is a jewelry store and workshop at Laugavegur 52 in Reyk


Established in 1999, we are Iceland's leading jewelry brand and take pride in creating truly


Skúmaskot is a design and art gallery run by 8 women artists and designers.


Lifestyle store on the corner of Laugavegur and Frakkastígur.

OVAL Gullsmiðja

In OVAL you will find authentic Icelandic handmade jewelry.

Hildur Hafstein

Beautiful Icelandic handmade jewelry that not only completes your look but also your well-being!<