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Seltjarnarnes - Point Panorama

The shoreline by the horizon and a panoramic perspective

Just a few minutes from downtown Reykjavík you’ll find Point Panorama.

Surrounded by the ocean, Seltjarnarnes peninsula draws visitors and locals alike for inspiring walks and thrilling cycling paths with panoramic views of magnificent nature, the mountains and the sea.

View the capital area from Grótta lighthouse. See some of the 110 visiting bird species by Bakkatjörn pond. Don’t miss Nesstofa Medical History Museum, one of the oldest stone houses in Iceland, and the Pharmacy Museum next door for a glimpse of history and art. Enjoy a dip at Seltjarnarneslaug geothermal pool, with its healing minerals and soothing sea salt. Play a round of golf in beautiful surroundings at the seaside Nesklúbburinn golf club. Finally, wrap up your day at the Cupstone by Ólöf Nordal, where you can rest tired feet in geothermal water while enjoying Reykjavík’s best view of the sunrise and sunset. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

Below you will find activities to enjoy in Seltjarnanes.

See and do in Seltjarnanes


Activities and Attractions

We've compiled a list of activities that are sure to make your stay in Seltjarnanes exciting and memorable.