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Reykjavík Culture Night

19. August 2023

Culture Night is both created and enjoyed by city residents and takes place all across central Reykjavik, with celebrations in the streets and squares, in museums, businesses, and in residential gardens! The event’s slogan ‘come on in!’ is a reference to the good old-fashioned customs of Icelandic hospitality. Reykjavik Culture Night marks the start of the city’s cultural year, when museums and theatres, and other cultural institutions launch their annual programme of events. The main objective of Reykjavik Culture Night is to deliver a diverse and rich offering of cultural events from 1-11 pm, ending with a magnificent firework show by the harbour. All events are free of charge for everyone to enjoy. Reykjavik Culture Night is organised and produced by the events team at Reykjavík Cultural Office, in collaboration with other city departments, organisations, artists, societies, and countless others.

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