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Useful apps for your stay in Reykjavík

Apps are a great way to convey information at this day and age. Here are our top picks for important apps to have on your phone whilst being a guest in our beautiful city. 

Check out these helpful apps
Weather app on a phone
Veður- weather app

Weather forecasts and the current weather condition can be checked through a weather app provided by the Icelandic Meteorological Office. Location is automatically detected if GPS on; otherwise a favourite weather station can be chosen for the home screen. Notifications can be enabled.

Strætó logo
Strætó bus app

In the Strætó app you can plan your trips, buy tickets and watch buses location in real time. Extremely helpful when visiting the city as you don't have to waist time in finding a place that sells bus tickets. 

Reykjavík art walk
Reykjavík Art Walk App

Reykjavik Art Museum proudly presents a new app where you can access around two hundred public artworks in Reykjavík that the museum takes care of. With this app you can access information on the works, look at images, read texts and listen to audio-guides as well as playing art games.

Appy hour logo
Reykjavík appy hour

This app is vital for all bar hopping lovers who'd like to save a buck or two. With this app you will find every happy hour in town in your pocket. Available for iPhone and Android.

Wapp app logo
Wapp - walking app

Explore the Icelandic outdoors with Wapp. The Wapp is a free app with a collection of GPS tracks for hiking, trekking or walking in Iceland with various information on nature, history, folk tales and the environment in general.

Safe Travel app

Conditions in Iceland can be unusual so we recommend the Safe Travel app to be informed about the road conditions when driving.

Vegan app on a phone
Vegan Iceland

This is a great app for all vegans and vegan food lovers alike! Find delicious vegan food in Iceland, get recommendations, reviews and directions to the places you’ll love!

Hreyfill app logo
Hreyfill taxi app

If you would like to get around in style download the free Hreyfill taxi app for either Android or IOS and book your taxi anywhere in the Reykjavik area. 

Icelandic coupons app on a phone
Icelandic Coupons

The Icelandic Coupons app features over 70 coupons at restaurants, bars, cafés, shopping, adventures & entertainment in Iceland. Find nearby most popular restaurants, bars, cafés & entertainment with just one click.

Phone with aurora app
Hello - aurora app

For aurora enthusiasts who want to make aurora hunting simpler. Aurora forecast, cloud coverage, road conditions, weather alerts and more available in one app.

Easy park logo
The quickest and most effortless way to find and manage parking in over 2000 cities across Europe
Hopp bike
Hopp electric scooter rental
Locally owned scooter sharing. We aim to reduce traffic for short-distance transportation and leave behind a cleaner and healthier planet.