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Soccer-mania in Iceland!

The World Cup's Kick-off is tomorrow, June 14th. This year Icelanders are incredibly excited since our national team qualified for the first time in history - the world's smallest nation to do so!

The World Cup's opening match will be between Russia and Saudi Arabia at 15.00 (3 pm.) local time. Iceland's first match is on Saturday, June 16th, at 13.00 (1 pm.) against Argentina. Hopefully, it will be Messi (pun intended) for the Argentinians!

Where to watch the World Cup in Reykjavík?

Many bars and restaurants will be showing the matches, and most will probably air Iceland's games. However, if you want to join the locals and watch it on a big screen, you'll have several options. All fixtures will be shown on Ingólfstorg in central Reykjavík (see on Google Maps). Iceland's matches against Argentina, Nigeria, and Croatia will have a special event in Hljómskálagarður, right by City Hall (view on Google Maps). Last but not least, the newly opened BOX Street Food in Skeifan (find on Google Maps) will air most matches - and of course, sell some excellent street food!

Join #TeamIceland

If you haven't joined our team yet, please do! Visit Inspired by Iceland and get a free digital jersey with your name on!