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Reykjavík won the Gold Award as a Destination for 2020 at the Travel News Market!

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Reykjavik just won the Gold Award as a Destination for 2020 at the Travel News Market, the largest travel exhibition held in Sweden.

The Gold Award was awarded in the “premium” category for a weekend trip, which means that most premium travelers say they want to travel to Iceland on a weekend trip, or a total of 18.1%. Second place was Rome and Paris was in third place.

Premium travelers are those who primarily want a unique experience and are willing to spend more, according to the definition of international market research firm YouGov, which conducted the survey. Awards were also awarded in the category Budgetresenär, ie. travelers who want to travel cheaply, and the category Security, for travelers who prefer security such as package holidays. Subcategories were weekend trips, week trips and long trips.

The survey was submitted in September and there were just over two thousand Swedes in the sample. The survey was conducted by Travel News, which is Sweden's largest professional magazine in the field of tourism. The purpose of the survey was to find out which destinations are most popular today among Swedish tourists.